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Commuter Train Check

Commuter Train Check is a free Android application that lets you quickly and easily find out live train times in the UK. Launched in November 2019, it is already a robust and mature application. The plan is to introduce support for multi-leg journeys in January 2020.

The App includes the following features:
-- ability to specify an "active" time window for each journey you set up, ensuring the appropriate journeys are at your fingertips when you open the app
-- up to 3 source and destination features, handy for where you have alternative start and finish stations
-- view earlier services (trains still in motion, or reached their destination within the last half hour)
-- swipe between Home and Detail screens to provide a smooth user experience
-- related, yet separate, Home and Detail screens allows you to track the detail of a train whilst browsing live updates for other services on the home page
-- platform numbers and train sizes (where available)
-- cancellation and delay reasons
-- "dark mode" and configurable font sizes

This is a nice and simple, easy to use Application and essential if you commute on a regular basis.

-- Commuter Train Check information

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